Prince Tennis Racquets

Since 1970, Prince has been elevating the game both on and off the court. It's an iconic brand that embodies a lifestyle linked to its legacy and renowned players.

The Prince Tour series stands out with controlled power and remarkable feel. New for 2022, ATS technology enhances comfort and stability using TexTreme and Twaron. Their flexible beams offer arm-friendly gameplay.

Designed for the modern power game, Prince's Twistpower line boasts a uniquely twisted shaft that flexes optimally at impact. This racquet combines speed, stability, and arm-friendly comfort, making it ideal for intermediate players.

Prince's Ripstick family excels in comfort and dampening with evolved O-Port Technology and an arm-friendly flex rating, offering plush feel and substantial power. Thin beams and low flex points characterize Prince Phantom racquets for pinpoint control, perfect for intermediate to advanced players.

Prince Classic racquets incorporate technologies like Cross Bar Stabilizer, Double Bridge, and GraphiteExtreme composite for stability, vibration dampening, power, and maneuverability.

Catering to beginner and intermediate players valuing comfort and power, Prince Legacy racquets are an ideal choice.

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