Tennis Overgrips

Question: What is an overgrip in tennis and what are its main benefits?

Answer: An overgrip is a softer, thinner grip designed to wrap over an existing grip on a tennis racquet. It provides additional comfort and traction, making it suitable for players who sweat a lot or want to extend the lifespan of their old grip. Additionally, overgrips are affordable and come in a variety of colors and designs, allowing for customisation. They are meant to be replaced frequently, which is beneficial for maintaining a quality grip over time.

Question: What are some disadvantages of using an overgrip?

Answer: Overgrips might not be ideal for players who prefer a firmer grip, as they can bunch or wrinkle, which disrupts a consistent grip during play. Although they can be applied directly onto the racket, they might shift during use because they typically lack adhesive backing. Using a replacement grip underneath may help prevent slipping and add thickness, which might not be ideal for players with smaller hands.

Question: What is a replacement grip in tennis and why might it be preferred by some players?

Answer: A replacement grip is a thicker, firmer grip that replaces the original grip on a racquet. It has an adhesive backing, making it more secure and durable. Replacement grips provide a more comfortable and firm feel, suitable for serious players. They come in different textures, allowing customisation based on playing style. Though more expensive, they are a more permanent solution and can last for months with proper care.

Question: What are the limitations of a replacement grip compared to an overgrip?

Answer: Replacement grips may not be ideal for players who sweat heavily, as sweat can reduce the tackiness of the grip over time, necessitating frequent changes.