The Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125 is a softer playing poly string. This one is very, very spin-friendly. Power players will love the control and feel they get from all areas of the court. A solid, durable string that is a great choice for aggressive, big hitting players.

Power 7/10

Poly Tour Pro is aligned with most polyester strings, with a greater focus on control rather than power. For players that need more help with producing more easy power we would suggest trying a multifilament, or natural gut alternative. However, this string is considered to be slightly more high powered than other polyester alternatives.

Spin 6/10

Poly Tour Pro is not an edged string, unlike spin monsters such as Hyper-G or RPM rough. However, Poly Tour Pro still produces very respectable levels of topspin, with outstanding ball pocketing and snap-back. This is an exceptionally popular string for players that enjoy a hybrid setup, thanks to its overall playability. 

Comfort 8/10

Comfort is an attribute where Poly Tour Pro excells. The slightly softer nature of the string compared to other polys produces a comfortable playing experience, while not sacrificing on other playability characteristics. For players that struggle with arm pain, Poly Tour Pro could be a suitable option to try. 

Control 8/10

A key benefit of Poly Tour Pro is its control characteristics. The string is therefore very popular for players with agressive gamestyles who take large swipes at the ball. Poly Tour Pro is equally popular amongst counter-punchers, looking to create angles on passes from the back of the court. 

Durability 8/10

Poly Tour Pro has good levels of durability, and tension maintenance. The string maintains its playability well compared to its other major competitors. If you want more durability we always suggest to go up in guage. 

  • Gauge: 16L/1.25mm
  • Length: 656 feet/200m
  • Composition: Co-polyester Monofilament
  • Colours: Yellow
SKU 13025
Barcode # 4547656570205
Brand Yonex
Shipping Weight 0.4800kg
Unit Of Measure ea

great poly that holds tension and is soft on the a

By: on 4 June 2018
I don’t think these strings get enough love compared to others say, Luxilon Big bangers, Technifibers, or Babolat RPM. I’ve been searching for a soft poly that would hold tension for as long as possible while having the aspects of a poly to maximize my spin potential. Because these strings are pre-stretched, they do hold tension much better than Big Bangers. Big Bangers have always felt way too harsh for me and a difficult to control. For me personally, I enjoy strings that are more dead in feel. If you can provide your own power, want a softer poly with good tension hold, give these strings a try. I never really looked at Yonex strings, but they’ve created a wonderful product with these. I use the 125 gauge because I am hitting with the Yonex Duel G 330g with a 16x20 pattern and need the thinner gauge to open up the pattern slightly. I have noticed a slight drop in longevity compared to the 120, but nothing too significant and a fair tradeoff.

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