The VCell 7 is 8mm (1/4”+) extended. When combined with the light weight, open string pattern, slightly larger head size and firm flex it makes the VCell 7 a very powerful and spin friendly racquet. The VCell 7 features more VCell Carbon Fiber material in key locations of the head and through, along with REVA, VTEX butt cap, Super Grommets and V-Sensor Handle for great feel. It weighs 290g / 10.2oz, has a 670cm2 / 104in head, 23-25-23mm tapered beam with a 69.3cm / 27.3in length and a 33cm / 0.6in head light balance. It has a 16x19 string pattern.

The VCell 7 gives very comfortable performance for players who like the ex- panded sweet spot a 104 head size offers. With good power and easy access to spin the VCell 7 gives every level of player a boost in confidence.*

*Racket comes unstrung.

  • Style # V10707
  • GRIP SIZE: 1-5
  • HEAD SIZE: 670cm² | 104in² 
  • CROSS SECTION: 23-25-23mm 
  • WEIGHT: 290g | 10.2oz 
  • LENGTH: 69.3cm | 27.3in 
  • BALANCE: 33cm | 0.6in HL 
  • STRING TENSION: 25(±2)kg | 55(±5)lbs
Brand Volkl
Shipping Weight 0.9800kg
Unit Of Measure ea

V-Cell 7 test drive - great racquet

By: on 20 September 2022
I recently received and took out the Volkl V-Cell 7 for a hit. It was set up with Volkl Cyclone Tour 17g strings at 52 lbs tension. It is a really smooth racquet to hit with. I have used the full range of Volkl racquets and this model fits in nicely between the V-Cell 8's and the V-Cell 3s & V-Cell 4s. It has a similar size head to the V-Cell 4, but it does not have the catapult technology of the V-Cell 4, so it gives you a firmer more connected feel to the ball at impact, but still with a very generous sweet spot. It is also slightly heavier at 290 grams with a slight head heavy balance, which is a great combination for serving and fast movement at the net, but stable for fast incoming balls and strong baseline play. It was great for volleying, with excellent control over depth and angles. For ground strokes it is forgiving with a good dose of power, which makes for a very consistent performer from the back of the court. It is excellent for serving, with flat, kick and slice serves all coming off the racquet face with good power and consistency. After hitting around 600 balls, there was no sign of soreness in my arm or wrist, so a very arm friendly racquet. I would recommend this racquet for intermediate and advanced players looking for a racquet which encompasses a good combination of all aspects of the game: power, feel, touch, forgiving and consistency.

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