Polyfibre is one of the world's leading tennis brands, specializing in revolutionary new tennis strings and accessories. Using a unique patented production process, Polyfibre strings are able to achieve an unsurpassed combination of playability, durability and tension stability.

The strings are designed in laboratories in both Germany and the USA, and live up to the impeccable quality demanded from both the American and German tennis circuits. They have been tested over time by players such as former World Top10 Magnus Larsson, and are now used by many ATP players and upcoming junior talents.

Polyfibre Australia is dedicated to bringing only the highest quality products to the Australian tennis community, and are co-operating with Tennis Coaches Australia to help achieve this. We are also able to offer competitive prices because of our ability to sell directly from the manufacturer.

Included in the impressive product line up are new generation monofilaments and multifilaments to suit every individual, along with new age restringing machines, tennis racquets and accessories.

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