Yonex Ezone Range 2022

Author: Aiden Liebenberg   Date Posted:10 June 2023 


Yonex Ezone Range 2022


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Ezone 98 2022

Famous for its plush feel and easy access to power, the Ezone 98 has become one of the most beloved frames for tennis players of all levels around the world. The 7th generation 2022 Ezone builds on the strong foundations of past renditions, including the iconic 2015 DR98, a racquet that enhanced Yonex’s reputation as an elite manufacturer. Evolution is a great word to describe the most recent update, which has filled in the small gaps in performance of previous models. The racquet is supremely well-balanced and offers a near perfect mix of power, spin, control and feel. It’s safe to say we are big fans of the 7th generation Ezone 98. 



  • Plush/Crisp feel
  • Easy access to spin
  • Generous amount of free power for a smaller frame
  • Very well balanced
  • Comfortable on all shot types
  • Forgiving, with a large sweet spot


  • Not as much plow through as heavier models

Ezone 100 2022

Another outstanding offering in the Ezone range, 100 square inch version offers a lot of the same benefits as the 98. A racquet with easy access to spin and plush feel, with high-levels of forgiveness, in large part a result of the larger head size. This offering in the Ezone range is suitable for the player wanting large sums of free power for heavy groundstrokes and serves. The 100 is marketed towards a broad range of players, from those just starting out, to advanced ballers. 



  • High-level of free power
  • Plush/Crisp feel
  • Great spin potential
  • Well-balanced, slightly head light
  • Comfortable
  • Forgiving, with a large sweet-spot


  • Can be too high-powered for better players who seek greater control


Ezone 98 Tour 2022

The tour is a racquet targeted towards more advanced players, who put precision and control at the forefront of their game styles. At 315 grams unstrung, the Tour is the heaviest offering in the 2022 Ezone range. 



  • Control and Precision
  • Heavy head allows for great plow through
  • Plush/Crisp feel
  • Well-balanced


  • Lack of utility for beginner/intermediate players
  • Too low powered for beginner/intermediate players

Ezone 98/100 Plus 2022

The plus version of the ever-popular Ezone range, these two 27.5 inch options are marketed towards the player who desires free power. Being half an inch longer, the plus models are great on serve in particular, making it easier to contact the ball at a higher point relative to standard racquets. The downside to longer racquets is that what is gained in power with an open string pattern is often lost in control. 


The Ezone 98 plus offers slightly more control, but less free power than the 100 plus. 

Ezone 100L 2022

The Ezone 100L is the lighter version of the 100 and is suited towards young teens who need some assistance in maintaining good racquet head speed. This 285 gram option is also popular amongst retirees, who enjoy the amount of free power the frame possesses, as well as the ease of playability. 


Overall, the racquet has excellent spin potential and accessibility to power, while being comfortable for players wanting higher swing speeds. 


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