Our Favourite Control Racquets: Part 1

Author: Aiden Liebenberg   Date Posted:4 October 2023 

Babolat Pure Strike

One of the reasons why Babolat has enjoyed such a long history of success is the simplicity of their racquet range. The Pure Aero is your go to for maximum spin, the Pure Drive is your go to for easy power, and the Pure Strike offers fantastic control. Let’s have a chat about the ever-popular Pure Strike. 


Babolat Pure Strike 98 (16x19, 18x20 & Tour)

The 98 square inch version of the strike comes in three key offerings. The 16x19, 18x20 and tour models. All three of these models are control oriented frames, with their own subtle differences. 

The 16x19 version is the most friendly for most players, providing a relatively open string pattern, in a 305g frame. Additionally, with a 320mm balance, this frame is slightly head light, providing some help with racquet head speed through contact. 

The 18x20 is all about maximum control, with a tight string bed, and 305g frame. This version is targeted for players who do not need any more help generating power, but emphasise control and feel over all else. 

The Tour is the heaviest of the three racquets, weighing in at 320g unstrung. This frame possesses a relatively open 16x19 string pattern, and a 315mm balance (head light). The Tour is targeted towards advanced players, who seek maximum plough through, feel and control. 

Link to Pure Strike 98 Range: https://www.tennisdirect.com.au/?rf=kw&kw=pure+strike+98

Babolat Pure Strike VS 2022

The Pure Strike VS is undoubtedly one of the best looking frames on the market currently, with its graphite grey and red colour scheme. Thankfully, the VS performs just as well as it looks, providing high levels of control, and spin. 

The frame is small by today's standards, at 97 square inches, and therefore is suited for advanced players. While small, Babolat has extracted the maximum amount of performance from the frame.

The 16x20 string pattern means there is supreme access to spin and control, helping players to swing harder at the ball with maximum confidence. Additionally, the 310g frame is head light, promoting good racquet head speed, to maximise the spin potential. 

Link to Pure Strike VS 2022:  https://www.tennisdirect.com.au/babolat-pure-drive-vs-tennis-racquet~22852

Yonex Percept

The newest addition to the ever-popular Yonex brand, the Percept is the latest entry into the control segment of the racquet market. Like its Vcore Pro predecessor, there are a solid variety of options available in the Percept, to cater for multiple player types. 

Yonex Percept 97, 97H & 97D

The three most control centric Percept offerings all come in a 97 square inch package. Each has their own subtle differences, to perfectly fit your preferences. 

The Percept 97 is the best selling of the three, with a 16x19 string pattern, in a 310g frame. This offering is control centric, yet packs a decent punch in the free power standings. A control/feel frame, with a little bit of extra help. 

The 97H is a hefty frame, weighing in at 330g unstrung. For players that need some help with racquet head speed, this is not the frame for you. However, for those that value maximum stability and plough through, this could be the racquet for you.

The 97D is another heavy frame, at 320g unstrung. Additionally, the closed 18x20 string pattern is highly control/feel centric. For players that do not need more help creating power, but rather value feel and control over all else, this is a great option. 

Link to Percept Range: https://www.tennisdirect.com.au/?rf=kw&kw=percept


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