Fresh, New, 2024 Racquets (part one)

Author: Aiden Liebenberg   Date Posted:24 January 2024 


It’s an exciting time of the year for tennis racquet nerds, nuffies, and everyday players alike, with the release of multiple new frames to the market. All the biggest brands have launched new frames to kickstart the year, with an array of pros endorsing the products at our gold-star national tournament. Let’s have a quick look at some of the new releases. 

Head Speed Range

Head has started off the year with an update to its most popular model. So far, Head has released five updated versions of the Speed, in the Pro, MP, MP L, Team & PWR. Interestingly, the frames are more affordable than the majority of high-end competitors, coming in at $349.99 RRP. The key difference with this update is the introduction of new Auxetic 2.0 technology. According to Head “the upgraded SPEED MP & Pro 2024 now has an even softer and more sensational feel”. Cosmetically, there is little change from the predecessor, with the white a little more accentuated around the head, and the addition of black accents around the throat. 

Link to Speed 2024:


Yonex Ezone (Aqua Night) Range

There’s always a lot of hype when a new Yonex is released. The brand has taken the tennis world by storm over the last decade, with an ever-expanding staple of professionals endorsing the products. This endorsement has had major downstream benefits to Yonex, with a large percentage of amateur players now choosing the brand’s frames as their racquet of choice. Few frames have enjoyed the success of the Japanese brand’s premier model, Ezone. Since its introduction in the early 2010’s, the Ezone has continued to grow in its widespread popularity thanks to its adaptability to a range of different playing styles. Yonex has made no changes to construction/spec changes to Ezone 2024, instead opting for a simple cosmetic update, due to the popularity of the 2022 model. The new Aqua Night range is currently available in the Ezone 98, 100 and 100L. 

Link to Ezone (Aqua Night) 2024: