Posture Medic Plus Strength 

Original versus Plus Size
The Posture Medic Plus Strength is designed for users who are more athletically active. The Plus Strength utilizes a proportionally heavier resistance band compared to the Original. This provides highly athletic and stronger individuals with a proper stretch and enough resistance to effectively stabilise their posture. The Plus Strength offers greater resistance when completing our exercise program so that they can also strengthen their back and neck muscles. All other product features are the same for both strengths.
Most users will find that the Original Strength provides an excellent workout and stretch for their posture. If you are not sure about which strength is right for you, try on thePosture Medic in both strengths to see which is more comfortable. Be sure to also try some of the basic stretches to make sure you find your right fit.

72.9% of people with chronic pain say that it affects their normal work.

Neck pain usually means shoulder pain.

Humans lose about half an inch of height every decade after age 40.

Brand Posture Medic
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Posture Medic Plus Strength - Small

By: on 13 April 2019
I was recommended this by my physio - who was charging a small fortune. I looked around online, and found the same product with Tennis Direct at a really good price. Posture Medic is really good at helping you to adjust your posture and re-position your shoulders and spine. It is easy to wear and light enough to carry around in your bag, so you can pop it on whilst you drive. The accompanying book provides some realistic exercises. I have been extremely pleased with the purchase and with my improved posture, leading to less neck pain!

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