LXN Smart is the world’s first high performance tennis string whose characteristics change in real-time based on the force of a player’s swing or shot. LXN Smart quickly identifies a player’s swing speed and then adapts to provide more flex on touch shots and more stiffness on power shots.

The secret to this intuitive string lies in three fibers within its polymer material, which stiffen with high swing speeds for more control and soften with slower swing speeds for more touch and feel. This string plays like a polyester, yet with the comfort of a multifilament

Luxilon developed its new LXN Smart string in response to the rising trend of players stringing their rackets more loosely (lower tensions). Product experts at Luxilon recommend players string this particular string at 40 lbs. (18 kg) +/- 4 lbs. (2 kg) for the best results.

SKU Z83007
Barcode # 887768801724
Brand Luxilon
Shipping Weight 0.4800kg
Unit Of Measure ea

Unique string! Gives you control when you need it

By: on 8 March 2019
Tried this string in my Custom Head 16x19 racquet at 48 lbs. The string has great feel, power and control. It does get stiffer when you swing faster providing more control, this is great because it helps to keep the ball inside lines. The spin potential is also great providing you have right technique and racquet with open string pattern. I used the string for two days and the durability seems to be just fine. I have no complaints at all. I suggest using a lower tension on racquets with a denser string pattern like 18x20. The manufacturer recommend this string to be used at tensions 40-48 lbs, I think the tensions like 48-50 lbs would be better for racquets with 16x19 pattern, tensions below 48 lbs would be more suitable for denser string pattern racquets like 18x20 and 40-46 lbs or less for low powered racquets. I recommend you try this string but don't make the most common mistake of stringing at tensions higher than 50 lbs wit this string. This string is simply not designed to be used at high tensions. Remember, this is "smart" string and will give you more control, all you have to do is to swing faster!

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